Q: What is retirement living?

A:  Retirement living is all-inclusive assisted living but without the responsibilities of home ownership. There are services included, such as dining, housekeeping and laundry that free up time for other things. There is security in knowing staff is on hand; if and when you need them.


Q: Is there staff onsite 24-hours / day?

A: Timber Trails has staff onsite 24 hours per day, seven days per week.


Q: What is included in the monthly cost?

A: Everything is included in one easy monthly bill; meals, linen exchange, housekeeping, accommodations. The price will vary depending on the type of suite and services you choose.


Q: Can guests come to visit and stay with me?

A: Yes. Your guests are welcome to come and stay with you. Should you require a cot for your guest or any other services to accommodate their stay, please see the Office.


Q: If I have a guest, do they have to pay for their meal?

A: Yes, guest meals must be paid for which can be easily arranged in the dining room. If more than 2 others joining you, please notify dinning staff 24 hrs ahead.


Q: How much privacy will I have?

A: In short, as much as you want. Even though we offer a wealth of events, activities and delicious meals, you are free to spend your time how and where you like. Though, with a community full of interesting people and things to do, you'll likely find your inner social butterfly.


Q: Is transportation provided?

A: Yes. Residents of Timber Trails enjoy access to scheduled, local transportation for appointments and errands.