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Taking care of an aging or ill family member can be enormously rewarding — but it can be physically and emotionally draining as well. That’s why it’s important for caregivers to seek occasional respite from their responsibilities. Whether it’s for a few hours a week to run errands or a few weeks a year to take a much-needed vacation, respite care offers you the chance to reduce stress, restore energy and keep your life in balance.


Timber Trails offers numerous types of short term stays to meet your every need. If you’re being discharged from the hospital but aren’t quite ready to go home; if your family is going out of town and you don’t want to be alone; or if your caregiver is taking time off — a short stay might be for you.  Our extensive range of care services can provide accommodation for those seeking respite for recovery from illness or a medical procedure, relief for caregivers who want to ensure their loved ones are well cared for in their absence.

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